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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Entertainment Weekly covers

I worked on a few EW covers in 2016: For James Corden, the Late Late show host and king of carpool karaoke, we chose an obvious prop: A car. Our inspiration was Oasis' album cover "Be here now". I wanted a white Rolls, but had to settle for a white Mercedes 500SEL that I found on Craigslist and actually drove around with for a week. The car did not make it out alive, first drowned, then burned. It actually had to have the engine and gas tank removed to meet the legal requirements for the special effects permit. I shot Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan of "The Walking Dead" in the woods in Georgia, where the show is being filmed. It was a lovely 100 degrees and I got a tick bite and had to go on antibiotics. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki of "Supernatural" posing on their Impala "Baby", shot in a park in Vancouver near the stages of the show. I did secondary shots on the show sets, one involving "the pie".

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