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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dead of Summer

Dead of Summer is a new TV show on Freeform, which is the new ABC channel. I shot all of the elements at Aesthesia Studios that has huge flats hanging from the ceiling, which allowed me to get the reflections in the pool right. I also did a round of landscape plates, shooting lakes and trees, and some elements were taken from stock.

Preacher on AMC

I shot poster and PR portraits for a new show on AMC called Preacher. It's an adaptation of a comic book series by the same name, produced by Seth Rogen. The schedule was very demanding, we had to do some 15 unique shots, both on the show sets and in the surrounding desert near Albuquerque, in one days. We spent many days scouting, pre-lighting and shooting background landscapes to be prepared for one hectic extra long day with the cast.
I also shot video of most of the portrait set-ups, the links are below the pictures.

Preacher: Tulip from Stockland Martel on Vimeo.

Preacher: Cassidy with smoke from Stockland Martel on Vimeo.

Preacher: Jesse in church from Stockland Martel on Vimeo.

Preacher: Arseface with Sheriff Root from Stockland Martel on Vimeo.

Preacher: Fiore and DeBlanc from Stockland Martel on Vimeo.

Preacher: Tulip with car from Stockland Martel on Vimeo.

Preacher: Arseface from Stockland Martel on Vimeo.

James Corden for Entertainment Weekly

For my cover shoot with James Corden my editor Michele Romero wanted to shoot him on a drowning car, something that referenced the old Oasis album cover with a white Rolls Royce sinking into a swimming pool. I argued the car has to be drowned for real, faking it in photoshop will never look right. The cheapest Rolls I found was $4000, and it wasn't white. But I found this white 500SEL on Craigslist for $1000, drove it to the set, we built a very large above ground pool we erected around it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I shot the sheriff

I travelled through the northwestern states to take these portraits of county sheriffs in mostly remote areas. I hope to convey the romance I associate with this century old institution. The sheriff is the good guy.