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Friday, October 16, 2009

Tracy Morgan

This shot was laid out to be a double spread with headline and article on the left page. My stylist Rahel had this outfit put together on a hanger, but we knew our chances were slim. When Tracy walked into the studio he picked it out immediately, it was his favorite.
Tracy claims he has a black belt in Karate
the bling is not his, he borrowed it (from me, I bought it on Canal Street)

Naked Athletes

Over the course of the summer I shot athletes from various disciplines to be featured in ESPN sensational body issue, out now. So much problem solving: naked, but no bits and pieces, no cracks, nothing suggestive, nothing homo erotic (and then I had to shoot a bullrider). Many thanks to Catriona, I had lots of fun. I traveled to LA twice, to Washington DC, to Las Vegas, to Calgary, to Edmonton and to South Carolina. Here we go:

LPGA golfers Sandra Gal, Christina Kim and Anna Grezebien taking a break in the bunker. These girls were GREAT!
Carting in Calgary
Metal Mulisha members in the California desert at the Metal Mulisha compound. Blue pants was too shy. Also, the shot is real, no tricks.
DC United and their trophies
Free kick against DC United
Edmonton Oilers slightly oily
Skier Kristi Leskinen on Mt Baldy near LA
Poker players Scotty Nguyen, Jennifer Harman, can't remember and Daniel Negreanu in Vegas
Bullrider Shane Proctor

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I've been shooting celebrity impersonaters around the country this summer for a personal project. Most of these people make a living as lookalikes and often not only look the part but often sing, dance or speak like their originals. The George Bush guy does a very funny speech.

lots of nudity

I've been shooting lots of naked people with rather amazing bodies all summer. I can't talk about it and can't show you anything yet for another 2 weeks, but please check back in, I should have it posted in about 2 weeks.