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Thursday, June 8, 2017


Snowfall is a new show on FX. The events depicted in the show take place in 1983 and tell the story of the onset of the crack cocaine epidemic. There are three story lines that correlate and ultimately intertwine: Black South LA communities that fall victim, Mexican drug cartels that discover a new market, and the FBI and government agencies that see a way of secretly financing interest in Central America.

Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

GLOW is a new show on Netflix, based on the 80s television show, GLOW, Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Americans on FX

The Americans is a show about a Russian couple, played by Kerri Russell and Matthew Rhys, who work as spies for the Soviet Union under the cover of leading perfectly average suburban lives in Virginia. They are constantly close to being found out by a FBI agent, played by Noah Emmerich, or their own daughter, played by Holly Taylor. I shot portraits of nine characters, each to evoke a movie still, and not a "photo shoot". I also shot many of the characters in a surveillance type of way, with a very long lens from a high vantage point through a window, mimicking shots we associate with cctv surveillance or evidence a secret agent or detective would capture.
The key art hints at the graphic nature of Russian propaganda poster art. In season 5 Kerri's character seems to be more trigger happy, while Matthew's character is opting for restraint.

Man Seeking Woman on FX

I shot the art for the 3rd season of Man Seeking Woman in Toronto last fall. Each portrait depicts a scene from the show: Digging a tunnel to your girlfriends bedroom, but being deported by her flatmates, a classroom lesson on the history of the suitor, a new girlfriend clearing the toxic waste of her new boyfriend and turning his bachelor pad into "their" home.