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Monday, November 29, 2010

Awesome Hoff

I shot the ads for The Hasselhoffs, a new reality show about The Hoff and his two daughters on A&E.


When Q asked if I wanted to shoot The Dums I could pick any city on their US tour calendar. I picked Tallahassee, it has some amazing swamp locations surrounding it. I arranged for a couple of boats and picked up the lantern at an antiques shop on the way to the shoot. I stood knee deep in the swamp when I shot these angles, camera tethered into a laptop, we kind of checked for alligators before I went in.

The National

Fuck You

"Fuck you" star Cee Lo, formerly Gnarls Barkley. I went to his rehearsal space near Atlanta, which really had nothing to offer picturewise, so I shot on simple colorful backgrounds and let the bling do the work.


I shot My Chemical Romance for Q magazine in London. Q suggested doing a Blade Runner theme, which of course is hugely set extensive and expensive. I google-mapped-street-viewed the surrounding of the studio we had booked to see how I can utilize existing structures. I used one of the entrances to the building and all I needed were a few neon signs, some pipes and wires, a smoke machine, add some water, and we were in Blade Runner city.


I'm posting this slightly delayed: Betty White for Parade's 2010 Halloween cover.